As Lynne Rabb lies dying, Emily, her mother, fights a harrowing battle to save her life. When Emily is trapped in Dr. Bristol’s
psychiatric ward, where she meets a slew of zany characters, Noah, Lynne’s father, takes over. Dr. Bristol thwarts the necessary
communication between Emily and Noah, but Emily’s zany friends devise a bold solution. Their intelligence and courage might well save Lynne.

Trapped is a precious book you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Before beginning to read Trapped, be
rested, be well-fed, be strong. This novel
will tear your heart wide open.

Dr. Bradt never, ever dreams up characters living with mental illness. In Trapped, each character whose personality includes a psychiatric disorder is
based on one or more people she has met.

Read more about Emily.
Read more about Emily!

Trapped contains:

  • The story of Emily’s youthful search for love.
  • Eleven heart-rending poems.
  • A medical novel. Emily tries to help Noah, who must get to Memorial Hospital in time to save Lynne, their daughter, from death, but she becomes trapped in a psych hospital.
Road to publication of Trapped
Wrote manuscript, obtain representation by literary agent, publication, novel on bookstore shelves